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The Gentleman’s Guide to Improving Your Style on a Budget

Gentleman Revival - Look Great on a Budget

A lot of men think that looking great and leveling up their style game is impossible to do on a budget. Believe it or not, you don’t have to break the bank to look incredible. No, sir, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look and feel like a million dollars.

To prove this, here are 10 fashion tips that you can use to drastically improve your style, for around (or under) $30 each.

A new tie

A sharp looking tie is one of the most essential elements of a Gentleman’s wardrobe. Depending on the season, occasion, and your personal style, you have tons of fabric and print options to refresh your look.

Tie Bar

Tie bars are not only classy but functional. A simple tie bar or tie clip will help clean up your look and it will help to keep your tie out of your soup during dinner.


Putting on a good pair of suspenders is one of the simplest ways to drastically improve your wardrobe. Instead of wearing a belt, match your suspenders to your shoes for a classic look that will definitely turn heads.

Toss out the Disposable Razor

The truth is, our grandfathers had it right by using a safety razor. Single-blade safety razors work especially well for men with thick or coarse facial hair. It will last you a lifetime when cared for properly and will save you a ton of money on replacement blades and handles.

Switch to Shaving Soap

Commercial shaving creams and gels are full of chemicals and explosives. Natural shaving soaps are made with essential oils and natural binders that smooth and nourish your skin before and during shaving.

Using a soft shaving brush and hot water to apply the shaving soap will lift and soften your stubble, resulting in a smoother, closer shave.

Beard balm or Beard Oil

A few drops of natural beard oil can go a long way to soften your beard, nourish your skin, and make you smell great. For longer or thicker beards, a small dab of beard balm will do the trick to tame wild hairs and keep a neatly presented beard.

Check Those Ear and Nose Hairs

It’s not something we generally think about, but wild nose and ear hairs can destroy a Gentleman’s personal presentation. Use an ear and nose trimmer, or at least trimming scissors, to clean up those pesky little hairs.

Polish your Shoes

Polishing your shoes not only keeps them looking great, but also protects the leather and keeps you wearing your favorite pair longer. Most Shoe shine kits will come with black and brown polish, but it’s also a great idea to have a neutral shoe polish on hand for your off colored leather, or to carry with you while traveling.

Clean your Nails

It’s all in the details, Gentlemen. A good manicure kit is like having a complete toolbox for your personal maintenance. Keeping your fingernails clean and short will add that bit of polish to your style. A high-quality manicure kit will also include tools you need to clean up callouses, rough skin, and even skin blemishes.

Spruce up your Sock Drawer

If you are wearing white socks every day, then this should be your first step to improving your style. A comfortable pair of dress socks will make you look and feel %100 better throughout the day. Grey, blue, black, or brown are always good to have on hand. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and get a little wild with your socks. Socks are a lot more fun than we make them out to be sometimes. Show off your artistic side by wearing your favorite masterpiece. Or, maybe you just want to add a little splash of color.

At Gentleman Revival, it’s our job to make sure you look good every day. We offer everything you need to take your style to the next level without smashing your wallet.


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  • A lot of these are cool and are definitely things I forget about sometimes. Will keep this list in mind since my brother is getting married in July.


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